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Few More Benefits Offered By Metallic Emulsion

Metallic emulsion is a revolutionary water-based paint which can give a metallic texture and sparkling finish to your walls. You can apply them both indoors and outdoor. Your walls will remain fungus and algae-free. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by metallic emulsion, not only should you approach a reputable manufacturer in Kolkata but you should also prepare the wall before you start painting it.

The type of metallic emulsion you should use depends on the type of wall you plan to paint. Generally, walls are of two types – high suction and low suction. The former can absorb moisture quickly from the paint. Avoid adding water to the wall as it can lower its emulsion suction capacity. To maximise the impact of the metallic emulsion, you can apply a second coating after a few hours.

Steps To Follow When Painting Walls With Metallic Emulsion

  • Use a suitable paintbrush to apply metallic emulsion to the wall’s adjacent walls, ceiling and edges.
  • Use a roller to apply the emulsion and use it in straight overlapping strokes. The objective is to get an even finish.
  • Use a smaller paintbrush to apply a thin layer of emulsion along the edges of the surface.

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Why Is The Demand For Metallic Emulsion So High?

The number of people visiting a Metallic Emulsion Manufacturer in Kolkata is gradually enhancing as it is an easy way of flattening and smoothening the walls in your office. They help in achieving a smoother finish without using wet plaster. Metallic emulsions are quicker, cleaner and more efficient than other paints available on the market. You can reap all the benefits of metallic emulsion if you enhance your knowledge about the

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technique and choose the right company to manufacture it.

Ready To Approach A Manufacturer?

If you want peace of mind when using metallic emulsion, get in touch with a reputable manufacturer in Kolkata. LNC Coatings has carved a niche in the industry by manufacturing a wide variety of metallic emulsions. Over the years, they have built a great reputation in the industry by providing outstanding products. Developers and individual clients buy and use their products because they trust their knowledge and efficiency.