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Know The Various Types Of Paints Before Approaching A Manufacturer

Buying house paints is both exciting and challenging. With so many types of paints available in the market, choosing the right product is a bit daunting. The first thing you have to do is to estimate your painting needs. Whether you plan to paint the walls yourself or hire a professional, you should buy supreme quality paints.

Not only will the newly painted walls look good but also last longer. Appearance and durability are two vital points to consider when choosing paint for your home. Visit a reputable supreme quality paints manufacturer in Kolkata and they will ask you whether you prefer latex or

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oil paint. Choosing one is a bit challenging. You can ease the task by enhancing your knowledge about them.

Oil/Alkyd Paint And Its Impact On The Environment

Earlier, painters preferred oil or alkyd paint as they are solvent-based, making them suitable for most interior and exterior surfaces and wooden trim work. Solvent-based paints have superior levelling characteristics, flow uniformly and can be used even on poorly prepared surfaces. The surface will get a hard-shell and tough finish. Few types of oil paints can also be used in sub-freezing climates.

The use of solvent paints has reduced drastically as they impact the air quality. Every gallon of the paint has around 2 quarts of mineral spirits. Solvents transform into volatile organic compounds before evaporating into the air, leading to air pollution. It has become mandatory for solvent paints to comply with the guidelines specified by the government. But the performance of this paint became very similar to water-based paint. Over the years, the demand for the latter increased as water-based paint are difficult to apply and takes a long time to dry.

What Is Latex Paint?

As the name indicates, latex paint was earlier made with synthetic latex rubber. Nowadays, latex encompasses water-based paints as well. You can choose from three common types of latex paint: alkyd-modified latex, vinyl-acrylic, and acrylic paint. The demand for vinyl-acrylic latex is generally higher as they suit most interior walls. Choose the right paint manufacturer and you can expect better adhesion, colour retention and even better gloss than vinyl-acrylics. You can also consider using alkyd-modified latex if you have previously painted the siding with an alkyd.

Get in touch with the experts at LNC Coatings if you are looking for high-performance interior paints. They have years of experience in the paint industry dealing in resins and paint raw materials.

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