Chassis Red Paint

Chassis Red Paint is a high-quality, durable coating specifically designed for automotive and industrial applications. Formulated with high-quality pigments and resins, it is easy to apply and delivers outstanding coverage and adhesion. The paint dries quickly and resists fading, chipping, and peeling, even in harsh weather conditions. With its deep, rich colour and superior durability, it is the ideal choice for painting automotive and industrial equipment, including chassis, engine blocks, and machinery.

  • Finish: High Gloss
  • Excellent protection against rust, corrosion, and other environmental damage
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Available in chassis red colour

Brand: Usha
Packaging: 200 ML, 500 ML, 1 LTR, 4 LTRS, 20 LTRS
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