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Consider The Important Things Before Opting for Floor Painting

For maximum transformation within budget, you cannot beat the idea of floor painting. A few coats of fresh paint can change the mood of the room. Whether you have hardwood or cement floors, painting gives a good refinishing. The floor also looks clean, organized, and affordable. You can consult the floor paints manufacturer in Kolkata for expert advice and tips as well.

5 Things to Consider Before Floor Painting

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  1. Proper Ventilation:Ventilation is necessary after painting the floors. If you open the room’s windows, dust particles might get in and damage the floor outlook. Hence, you must ensure the floor has screens to prevent debris and open the upper windows as much as possible.
  2. Map Out:You should plan and chalk a layout before painting the floors. This way, you will know where to start and finish. You can also walk out of the room after the paint dries completely.
  3. Prep It Up:The key to floor painting is adequate preparation. You can determine the quality of finished work by the quality of preparation you take. Make sure you have ample time to devote to the task. Doing prep work is also necessary, even before picking up the brush. This will guarantee good results.
  4. Hire the Pro:Experts for floor painting know the right techniques for doing the job. Firstly, you can rely on them for sourcing premium quality paint from reputable manufacturers. Secondly, they know the floor painting methods, which guarantee an excellent outcome. You can also seek advice from them on keeping the floors in good condition.
  5.   Floor Paints Chip: Painting the household floors is a great upgrade; however, it is not a permanent solution. The paints flake if exposed to high exposure. This happens despite any kind of application or surface method. This is why you should be careful while painting the floors.

How to Paint Floors? 

  • Floor Sanding – Sanding the floors is important before the painting job beginsThis helps remove varnish or UV finish from the floor.
  • Cleaning the Floor- After the sanding process is complete, remove all the dust by vacuuming, sweeping, and light mopping the floor. Sit for a few hours for it to dry and vacuum again. Patch the Holes- If you prefer to go for a rustic look, ensure to fill the cracks and holes. Once it dries, prime the spots and let them dry.
  • Apply Paint – Once the primer is dry, apply the first coat of paint. You can begin by applying a floor enamel formulated specifically for the floors. Remember to select the finish and let the paint dry completely.
  • Add the topcoat- Once the paint has dried, apply a top coat for a good finish. Do not put oil or latex on top and take the experts help in this regard.
  • Dry – Let every individual coat dry to enjoy the new look!

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