Machine Color Tinters

Our machine colorants are formulated with high-quality pigments to ensure consistent and accurate results every time. Designed to be used in all types of tinting machines and are compatible with a wide range of paint systems including water-based, solvent-based, and oil-based paints. It provides an economical solution for the paint industry. Machine color tinters use advanced technology to ensure accurate colour matching. They can quickly and precisely mix the exact amount of colorant needed to create a specific colour. So, if you want to achieve consistent, accurate and vibrant colors, choose our machine colorants today.

  • Compatible with all kinds of paints
  • Choose from a wide range of bright shades and vibrant colors – PA 1011 Yellow Oxide, PA 1021 Yellow, PA 1022 HT Yellow, PA 1030 Orange, PA 1041 Red Oxide, PA 1051 Int Red, PA 1052 Ext Red, PA 1060 Magenta, PA 1070 Blue, PA 1071 HT Blue, PA 1080 Green, PA 1081 HT Green, PA 1090 Violet, PA 1100 Black, PA 1110 HT White
  • Exceptional color accuracy and consistency
  • Easy to mix

Packaging: 1 LTR