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How Does a Paint Stainer Helps You to Get the Best Result?

Your home needs the best quality paint to look beautiful and elegant. Painting the walls is like applying lipstick on lips at the end of every makeup; it increases the appeal. Like lipstick, you need to choose the right shade of wall paints to match your interior design, furniture, and style. However, the use of a paint stainer always improves the efficiency of wall paints. You must contact the Universal Stainer Manufacturers in Kolkata to obtain the best quality stainers for your paints.

Before you ask your painting and decorating experts to use the right kind of stainers at your house, here are a few things you must know about this product.

What is a Paint Stainer?

This is a kind of color concentrate with high strength applied with tint based paints to achieve the desired shade on walls. Whether you choose plastic emulsions, Satin or Matt finish paints, distempers or Air Drying Synthetic Enamels – these stainers can give you that perfect finish with a glossy or matt finish effect.

Why Are Paint Stainers Good to Use?

When you aim to obtain the ultimate finish on your walls, you need to improve the strength and sustainability of the regular painting products. Universal stainer is known in the market for being;

  • Long-lasting
  • Safe to use
  • Effective on all kinds of paints
  • Sustainable for all types of projects
  • Cost-effective

Easy to Apply

Mixing stainers with paints before applying the coat on the walls is a common practice in India for painters and decorators. Since the shade matching is typically done on-site, this becomes easier to mix the stainers to the paint before final application.


Universal stainers can be used to colour different qualities of synthetic enamels in terms of modified alkyds or strong, medium and short oil alkyds. Even these stainers can also be applied to water-based compositions to receive the desired result. You can also use universal stainer industrial oil and water-based cement primers, air drying and stoving enamels, and heavy-duty coatings based on synthetic rubber, vinyl and acrylates.

LNC Coatings is a top-rated manufacturer of Universal Stainer. When you need the best quality stainer for your painting project, you can contact us. Your search for one of the most reliable and cost-effective Universal stainer manufacturers in Kolkata ends here.

Please get in touch with us for more information about our products.

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