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What Major Problems Can You Face While Painting a Floor?

Unlike wall paints, floor painting is a difficult task. Dust contamination, risks of dampness and high footfall traffic are problems that might arise from the time you start painting the floor. It would help if you prepared the floor

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first for long-lasting, durable and beautiful floorings. Planning plays an essential role to help make the floor painting process successful. However, during a floor painting process, these are a few common problems that you’ll encounter.

The majority of floor paints manufacturers in Kolkata thus prefer manufacturing paints with a primer coat to avoid early contamination of dust clouds. Read on to know more about the problems that might arise if you paint a floor.

3 common problems that might occur while painting a floor

Problems with recoating

Many people mistake recoating the floors with new paint before removing the existing paint flanks from the same. Although the painting work gets finished quickly, if you don’t clear the existing paint, the new paint coat doesn’t stay for long.

Contamination of specks of dust

The bare concrete floor contains high amounts of dust that gets contaminated with the paint as soon as you apply the same. You can either opt for twin resin coats or add a primer coat on top of the new paint coat to easily avoid the dust from sticking to the new coated paint. Prevent any footfalls on the floors unless the paint dries up.

Damp formation

It is essential to let the paint dry up properly to avoid any damp formation on the floor. The proximity of dryness depends on three major factors: the thickness of the concrete, the temperature variations and the humidity levels, and the type of paint used. Hence allow a substantial amount of time for the

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dry up process.

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